A Fungus Flora of Warwickshire

Edited by Malcolm C. Clark


This is an account of a survey of the fungi of Warwickshire, a county of the English Midlands, undertaken jointly by Birmingham Natural History Society and members of the staff of the Department of Plant Biology (formerly Botany Department) of the University of Birmingham.

The Flora was published in 1980 by the British Mycological Society, and was favourably received by the Mycological community, both in Britain and internationally.

Introductory chapters cover the conception and functioning of the Survey, and are followed by an account of the mycological history of Warwickshire. The bulk of the book is taken up with 209 pages of comprehensive notes and records of the 2,600 fungi and lichens found in the county.

A few copies are still available and can be obtained from The British Mycological Society Librarian c/o The Herbarium, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 3AE..

A Fungus Flora of Warwickshire : M.C.Clark (Ed). 1980
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ISBN. 0 903130 05 X


Supplements to the Fungus Flora of Warwickshire

Supplements to the Flora, listing additional species, have been published in 'The Proceedings of the Birmingham Natural History Society' since 1983.




Some Reviews of the Fungus Flora of Warwickshire

Notes from the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh (1982)

'The initially small group of amateurs 'mushroomed' into a sizeable group of expert mycologists who recorded about 2,600 species of fungi, including 30 new to science and numerous additions to the national flora. The results of their enthuiastic endeavours are presented in this highly professional and well edited volume'.

Persoonia (1981)

'The book is very useful to mycologists interested in field work and those engaged in mycological surveys of other areas'.

Bulletin of the British Mycological Society (1981)

'... A model for all future county fungus floras'.


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